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For the Lord gives wisdom...

About Sunday School

Sunday school is an important time to get to know others and get to know God through studying the Bible and Bible topics. We hope you come take advantage of one of our many classes offered!

9:45am (Fellowship over coffee and snacks)

10:00am (Classes begin)  

December 11 & 18, 2022

Joint Adults and Youth: Justification by Faith Alone (fellowship hall)
How can you be made right with God? Charles Hodge says, “To give a wrong answer is to mistake the way to Heaven. It is to err where error is fatal, because it cannot be corrected. If God requires one thing, and we present another, how can we be saved? …The answer, therefore, should be seriously pondered by all…”

On December 25 we will not have adult Sunday School. But please come for coffee and snacks.

January 1 – March 26, 2023

Adult Class: 1 Samuel (west classroom)
Chapter by chapter through 1 Samuel (this will go through June 25)–taught by Ted Leininger & Ben Ratliff.

Adult Class: Union with Christ (fellowship hall)
A Ligonier video series taught by Sinclair Ferguson, with discussion led by Clint Wood.

Ladies Class: Basics of the Christian Life (library)
A Ligonier video series taught by Sinclair Ferguson. Contact Meredith Fletcher for details.

Men’s Class: Attributes of God (conference room)
Taught by Bill Arnold.